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Activyl For Medium Dogs 22 Ð 44 lbs Blue 4 Pack
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Activyl For Medium Dogs 22 Ð 44 lbs Blue 4 Pack

Activyl for Dogs is a highly effective and safe new product from Merck containing the active ingredient indoxacarb, which not only eliminates adult fleas on dogs but also disrupts the fleaÕs lifecycle by preventing eggs and larvae developing further. Activyl is an ectoparasiticide, which needs to be applied once a month only for total flea control. Product Specifications: Activyl for Dogs is available as an OTC product in the following specifications: Size of Dogs Weight Range Dosage Very Small Dogs 4 Ð 14 lbs 0.51 ml Small Dogs 14 Ð 22 lbs 0.77 ml Medium Dogs 22 Ð 44 lbs 1.54 ml Large Dogs 44 Ð 88 lbs 3.08 ml Extra Large Dogs 88 Ð 132 lbs 4.62 ml
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