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Advantage Cats over 10lbs (Purple) 4 Doses
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Advantage Cats over 10lbs (Purple) 4 Doses

Flea and tick plagues your pets. They make your pet’s condition unbearable and cause various diseases. To effectively control and treat these external parasites on your cats, Advantage is an appropriate solution. This spot-on flea treatment for kittens and cats has a long-lasting effect that continues to guard your cat for a month. Information: Advantage for cats is simple to use flea and tick treatment for eliminating fleas and ticks completely. On regular usage, it further prevents re-infestation. It breaks flea life cycle by killing larvae and thus prevents flea infestation from recurring. The active ingredient Imidacloprid present in the solution is a systemic insecticide that starts killing fleas within an hour of application. Advantage protects dogs from Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD) and fights against various flea-infested diseases. Due to its waterproof property, the treatment is effective for a month even when your cat baths or swims.
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