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Capstar Blue for Cats and Small Dogs 2 - 25 lbs 6 Tablet
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Capstar Blue for Cats and Small Dogs 2 - 25 lbs 6 Tablet

Capstar for cats is a fast acting oral treatment formulated in tablet form for killing adult fleas in cats. An effective treatment with adulticide, it kills adult fleas rapidly in just 30 minutes. It takes just seven hours to kill 100% adult fleas. Orally administered, the odourless tablets protect cats from fleas without causing slightest of irritation to the recipient. Information: Capstar is one of the fastest short-term flea treatments that kill adult fleas within seven hours. It is highly useful in dealing with heavy flea infestations and must be followed by a long-term treatment. Its active ingredient nitenpyram is an excellent neurotoxin that kills parasites by blocking neural message transmission. The affected parasites with damaged nervous system die instantly. Cats treated with Capstar shows more itching in the first few hours. Flea movement due to the action of nitenpyram increases the itching that subsides within few hours. It is a short-term treatment that remains effective for 24 hours and thus needs to be backed up by a long-term treatment.
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