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Capstar Cat & Small Dog 11mg 2-25 lbs Blue 12 Tablet
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Capstar Cat & Small Dog 11mg 2-25 lbs Blue 12 Tablet

To keep your pet healthy, protecting him from fleas is important, as it is the most common parasite that cause illness in pets. Eliminating fleas with Capstar is easy as it relieve your dog from fleas faster. Acting within 30 minutes of administer, this flea treatment kills fleas and protects canines from flea-infested diseases. Capstar for Dogs Capstar for dogs is an exceptionally quick solution for treating fleas within minutes. Just a one dosage protects your dogs against flea infestations. Easy to administer, these tablets works as short-term treatment and provides immediate relief from fleas to dogs. The powerful ingredient nitepyram in Capstar acts as neurotoxin and blocks neural messages through parasites central nervous system, which results in death. When fleas are visible on pets, Capstar is the best option. Administer your dog with Capstar, and with few minutes, fleas start falling down from pets’ body. During first few hours of administration, sign like excessive itching is seen in pets. It slows down with times and protects dog from fleas.
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