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CleanEar Solution 125 ml 125 Ml
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CleanEar Solution 125 ml 125 Ml

Clean Ear is a mild, gentle and effective ear cleansing solution for cats and dogs. It is used for general aural cleansing on a regular basis for the removal of earwax deposition. As an advanced care, it is used to remove external ear canal infections by inhibiting bacterial and fungal growth. It aids in maintaining oral hygiene by not disturbing natural bacteria necessary to create healthy ears for dogs and cats. Information: Clean Ear for dogs and cats is a scientific solution that facilitates general aural wellbeing of cats and dogs. Made up of organic ingredients, it cleanses earwax, debris and dirt from the pet’s ears. It supports better penetration of other aural treatments like antibiotics and miticides by cleaning extra waxy substances found in the ears of canines and felines. When used on a long-term basis, it balances the ear pH and prevents occurrence of aural diseases and infestations. It is gentle on the ear canal and mucous membrane of the animal’s ears making administration easy. It maintains aural health and adds freshness to the ears.
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