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Dermaclens for Dogs 100 Gr
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Dermaclens for Dogs 100 Gr

Wounds, cuts or post-surgical incisions cause irritation and pain to dogs. If not treated, these can lead to severe infections. Dermaclens is an ideal cream for treating abrasions, burns, wounds and other dermatological skin conditions. Formulated with a vanishing cream base, Dermaclens forms a protective layer and heals wounds faster restoring your dog’s health. Dermaclens for Dogs Dermaclens is a powerful antiseptic cream for the treatment of wounds and other skin disorders in dogs. This acidic cleansing cream significantly heals wounds, burns, abrasions, and numerous other dermatological conditions faster without irritating dog’s skin. Promoting quick healing and regeneration of damaged tissues, this non-toxic cream removes necrotic tissue, coagulum and debris of dead cells from wounds.
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