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Eye Clear 15ml 1 Bottle
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Eye Clear 15ml 1 Bottle

Pet eyes are delicate and proper care is essential for its healthy state. Usually, pet faces eye infection, which irritates them and reddens their eyes with pus formation. A gentle formulation treats and takes care of such infectious eyes. Eye Clear is an excellent natural formulation that maintains health of your pet’s eyes. This soothing solution, with antifungal, anti-parasitic, antibacterial and antiseptic properties, treats your pet’s infectious eyes.   Eye Clear Eye Clear is an ideal eye care solution for your pet’s healthy eyes. This specially formulated solution is ideal for your pet’s irritated eyes. It treats and prevents infectious conjunctivitis, weepy eyes, dry eyes and cataracts. The natural antibiotic, eye toner and anti-inflammatory ingredients cure sore and red eyes. Also used as eye flush, Eye Clear can cure eye inflammation like Cherry Eye or prolapsed third eyelid.
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