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Feline Chew 60 Tablet
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Feline Chew 60 Tablet

Feline Joint Support consists of tasty, chicken flavoured tablets for kittens and cats. It is an ideal joint care treatment for kittens, aged cats and convalescing felines. Administered as a food supplement the tablets fill up the gap of an unbalanced diet. Made up of natural ingredients, these tablets prevent joint disorders in all breeds of cats. Information: Manufactured by Vetalogica, Feline Joint Support tablets are an absolute cat joint care treatment. Made by combining vitamins, minerals, omega oils and antioxidants in a ratio suitable for feline joint care, the tablets prevent and repair bone and joint disorders. The tablets are perfect dietary supplements for growing kittens, aging cats and felines susceptible to pre-disposed joint problems. The tablets provide healthy joint development by aiding in the development of the muscular - skeletal system of cats. Developed by Glucosamend Joint Care technology, the tablets are safe for all breeds of cats and have practically no side effects.
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