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Flex Canine Powder 360 GM
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Flex Canine Powder 360 GM

When dogs get hurt in their joints or when they start aging, they require additional nutrients to support their joints and help to repair damage cartilage. Flex – a canine joint support supplement provides all the necessary essential elements that help to recover cartilage disorders. This oral formulation reduces breakdown of cartilage tissue and lubricates the dry joints, thus enhancing mobility in canines. Information: Flex is a unique formulation for joint support. This canine powder is rich in glucosamine, vitamins and minerals, which are essential for strong and healthy bones and joints. It is designed to maintain elasticity and flexibility of canine’s joint tissues. Flex provides nutritional building blocks that help to maintain mobility. Highly recommended to old age and arthritic dogs, this ultimate joint supplement is beneficial to all breeds of dogs.
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