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K9 Advantix Small Dogs/Pups 1-10 lbs (Green) 12 Doses
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K9 Advantix Small Dogs/Pups 1-10 lbs (Green) 12 Doses

Most of the pet owners, breeders, pet shelters face fleas and ticks infestation along with other parasitic attack on their dogs. To ensure their good health, it becomes necessary to provide proper care and timely treatment against such infestation. For all types of external parasites including mosquitoes, sand flies, stable flies, and biting insects, you need a complete treatment like K9 Advantix.  This monthly spot-on treatment prevents parasites on dogs by debilitating, paralyzing, destroying and repelling them. K9 Advantix for Dogs A topical treatment K9 Advantix effectively kills various external parasites. It prevents from parasitic infestation by destroying fleas, ticks, chewing lice and other types of flies along with biting insects. The two active ingredients Imidacloprid and Permethrin present in K9 Advantix works in synergy to protect dogs from disease caused by fleas and ticks. The repelling action of Imidacloprid, called the ‘hot foot’ activity on ticks, stops them from sticking on the treated dog’s body up to 4 weeks. Whereas the other ingredient Permethrin attacks nervous system of parasites and blocks sodium channels responsible for nerve impulses. This results in hyper-excitation, paralysis and ultimately death. The insecticidal action kills ticks but they remain attached to pet’s body. Within two hours of K9 Advantix treatment, 98.5% ticks die. Being effective for a month, it prevents re-infestations. 
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