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Wound-Gard for Dogs 50 Ml
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Wound-Gard for Dogs 50 Ml

Pets are playful and while playing they hurt themselves. When they get hurt, they usually lick the place. This worsens the situation and causes more severe skin infections if not taken proper care. Wound-Gard is the ultimate solution for such wounds. This antiseptic spray heals the infected area faster while dissuading dogs from licking the area due to its bitter taste. Wound-Gard is widely used for various types of cuts, abrasions, wounds, lesions and even surgical incisions. Wound-Gard for dogs: Wound-Gard is an effective topical treatment for all kinds of wounds including post-surgical wounds. This liquid formulation is quick to spray and heals the wounds faster. Being an excellent first aid treatment for wounds, it reduces the chances of severe infections due to open wounds. This antiseptic bitterant spray discourages dogs from licking and heals faster, restoring their full health.
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